About Us
What We Sell
We keep it simple – rebar and wire mesh. And why not? Desco consistently sells over 100,000 tons of rebar alone per year. We have access to domestic and imported, epoxy and galvanized. We sell primarily in standard lengths of 20’, 30’ & 40’, however, cut-to-length is not a problem. We supply wire mesh of all gauges and sizes. If it’s ever been specified, we provide.

Why Buy From Us
Because we consistently stay in touch with market conditions, we are able to educate our customers and provide for them in times of shortages. We don’t sell lumber or plywood, we know our products inside out. There are not ten levels of command that you have to go through to get answers. If your delivery is late, we’ll have an answer for you in no time. If you have damaged material, we’ll process a credit. Desco is committed to their customers for the long term.

Where We Service
As far north as Madawaska, Maine, down to West Palm Beach, Florida and as far west as Omaha, Nebraska, Desco gets around.

Who We Are
Desco Steel was incorporated in 1991. Its founder, Blaise DeSanto, has been in the steel business since 1977 selling a wide variety of structural steel products. He saw the need to develop a wholesale steel distributorship concentrating solely on reinforcing steel.

What began as a one man operation has slowly developed into one of the largest independent suppliers of rebar and wire mesh east of the Mississippi .

We continue to grow today, building upon old relationships and persistently developing new ones.
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